Hardcore Mandy

May 16th, 2009 | Posted by Rhino in Brunettes | Hardcore | Lesbians | Masturbation | Pierced | Public | Solo Models


When a girl pierces her nipples it is a pretty good indication that she has relatively few hang ups about sex. This is true with Hardcore Mandy. I don’t think there is anything she hasn’t tried yet.

Today she is faucet running the water over her clit. I had a girlfriend that liked to do this back in high school. We got drunk one night and she showed me her technique. Not long before she was set to orgasm I asked her what she thought about when she ran the faucet water over her pussy.

Guess what her answer was…? and remember, she was drunk and close to an orgasm.

She blurted out a chicks name! It was then that I found out my girlfriend was bi-sexual. In fact, she’d been licking girls pussy long before she ever saw a guys dick!

Hardcore Mandy is bi-sexual too. She does both guys and girls, and even does them at the same time. On top of that she is hot. I often wonder why hot chicks do porn. Then I wonder why I wonder… I tell myself to shut the fuck up and enjoy it!

Mandy loves to get naked in public. Occasionally she has sex in public too. When she isn’t licking pussy or smoking cock Mandy is masturbating profusely. Her appetite for sex would make a raging bull blush.

If you are looking for a young babe that covers all of the bases you have found her at HardcoreMandy.com!

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