Taking you through high quality and poor quality solid dolls

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It is a matter of concern that shoddy sex dolls have now overtaken finely crafted sex dolls in the sex doll market. Many buyers who do not know about sex dolls can easily buy poor quality sex dolls. For this reason, I share some basic methods on how to distinguish between good and bad sex dolls.

Material of sex dolls.

High-quality sex doll material for medical silicone or TPE, with better elasticity, and high hardness, color showing milky white, good surface smoothness, more realistic in appearance; inferior material doll feel raw, poor elasticity, darker epidermis color, a slight black or yellow phenomenon, touch a sticky feeling, not smooth, does not look real.

The smell of sex dolls.

The TPE sex dolls with good quality of raw materials have a faint fragrance, some do not, but almost no smell, while the defective sex dolls with a strong aroma, serious smell may lead to respiratory diseases.

Characteristics of sex dolls.

Good quality best deals sex dolls have a long life and can be used repeatedly without problems. While dolls made in small workshops can have many quality problems such as cracking, makeup removal, deformation and even become disposable after one or more uses.

The health and safety of sex dolls:

High quality lifelike TPE sex dolls generally have the advantages of environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless, health and safety, high permeability, anti-yellowing, long service life, physiological inertia, anti-biological aging, while poor quality sex dolls do not have these advantages.

Price differences of sex dolls.

High-quality sex dolls have industry standards, plus creative mold opening, materials, processes, etc., so the price will be slightly higher relative to imitations; and poor quality sex dolls are mostly imitations of high-quality dolls, the similarity has differences not realistic enough, we recommend not to buy very cheap sex dolls.

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Lexy Roxx gets a mouthful of cum from her customer

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Mackenzie Mace sucks her brothers hard cock at Sis Loves Me

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Changing things up with cherry cams!

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Sex dolls buying guide of promotional pictures and real pictures

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Many guys who are concerned about sex doll products say that after looking at the display pictures and the actual pictures of doll lovers, they feel that the actual effect of the same doll is not the same grade, and there is even a very big gap. To address this issue, read this guide you will have a comprehensive understanding of this.

Sex doll product display pictures, generally are carefully dressed and makeup, and then set up the suitable background and then posed for a variety styles, so the photos taken out of the effect of both the light and the temperament of the doll performance, are to achieve very good results.

But doll owns often more randomly when shot for the doll, and also generally did not take the time to do a good job of preparation before shooting, plus shooting skills and other factors, so many of the actual shooting can not be compared with the official website to show pictures.

For shooting sex dolls, we consulted a professional online adult TPE sex doll store UXDOLL, they provide the following three suggestions.

First: To wear the wig. Hair and face shape is very important, hair and face shape with the appropriate, can better show the different character and temperament of the doll, and make your love doll more attractive. A little understanding of friends know that the doll is originally bald, and the wig with the good or bad affects the overall beauty of the doll!

Second: The impact of light. Light is an important means to achieve the picture of artistic modeling, no light will not be the image of things! If in ordinary lighting, taking pictures with insufficient light will make sex dolls out of the photo skin tone distortion, and even will be very ugly. Only under the right light could to get beautiful photos of the physical doll.

Third: The impact of dressing. As with people, sex dolls also need makeup and matching different style of beauty clothes! Sex dolls themselves are different in body size, and need to pay more attention to dressing for them, the clothes must fit their body. Without the right clothes, you also can not show the beauty of the doll!

In short, sex dolls in photography, need you have enough patience and do good prepare work, then beautiful photos will show!

4 Tips for Sex Doll Photo Shoots

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For years, many artists, such as amateur and professional sculptors, painters or photographers, have been using quality sex dolls as a good helper for their work. Fascinated by beauty and reality, these artists use super realistic full body size perfect figure sex dolls to express themselves and their artistic inspiration. If you love them and want to preserve the beauty through photography, you will get something out of going through this article.

Tip 1: What equipment should I choose?

With smartphones and miniature mount cameras slowly revealing their limitations due to their small lenses and large pixels, hybrid cameras seem to be a good compromise (larger lenses and simple setups). For those who admire simplicity and prefer settings, you can start by using a standalone mode that can guarantee excellent photographic quality. We can find them on various e-commerce platforms, or you can have your own equipment for shooting sex dolls for just a small thousand dollars on a second-hand mall.

Tip 2: What light source?

As our photographers like to say, outside of the equipment: “To make a successful photo, you first need beautiful lighting”. If you have some equipment and a budget, you can purchase some strobes. Today, you can buy simple flashes, light boxes to diffuse the light from the flashes and tripods to hold them for just hundreds of dollars. Of course, you can also purchase complete kits, which include multiple, more powerful flashes. If you’re on a tight budget, consider using natural lighting. For example, you can get unexpected results in a room with a large window. The windows will allow light in, however, you should avoid too much direct light.

Tip 3: How to pose the doll?

In this case, imagination will be the only limit. Take photos that show happy, fun, and document the joyful moments you share with the most attractive adult love doll that is exclusively yours. This can be done by choosing different sexy outfits, types of lingerie and colors. Add variety to the elements by pairing them with accessories such as stockings, boots and neckbands. Vaguely semi-nude photos, changing poses, angles and shots to add to the doll’s femininity, and of course, different wigs can shape different personalities and charms. Be aware that unlike live models, adult sex dolls can maintain the same pose for long periods of time and not complain.

Tip 4: Build inspiration

While the style of a photo is developed gradually, inspiration is a mysterious thing. As the saying goes, “Most of the beautiful things in this world are created without thinking about it”. If you lack inspiration, the easiest and most effective way is to check out photos in fashion magazines or on the internet. The source of inspiration in this way is huge and it has many types of scenes to choose from. Practice makes perfect, and that’s exactly what photography is, there is testing to make progress.


To take the perfect sex doll photos, you must have a good shooting equipment, beautiful lighting, a look full of personality and charm, and a good inspiration. Photographing sex dolls is not an easy task and you should be patient about it.

Vivid Celeb tube movies

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Sweet Interracial Hardcore

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Watching full Fakehub Movies

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Even The Loser Wins Here

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Porn blogs with the best pornstars

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Only you know what you like and nobody can tell you any different. Can you take advice? Sure, you can take the advice just as much as the next guy but it isn’t going to matter if it isn’t something that manages to push your buttons. I used to think that way as well but all it took was a visit to Fleshbot and in an instant, my mind was changed for the better.

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Using the best premium VR sites

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Nothing Hits The Spot Like Black Cock

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Lesbian Sex And So Much More

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