Sweet Yurizan

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Who me? A bad boy? Oh, Sweet Yurizan you don’t even know how bad of a boy I have been lately. I guess I am just going to have to submit to your booby smother torture and anything else you might want to do to me. I might even have to let you slide your finger in my bum!

That big tits babe above is Yurizan Beltran. Her tits are well known on account of her having posed for Score magazine. The best big tits magazine on the planet. To get into Score a girl has to be hot, well endowed with motherly mammories and have a nice and thick set of hips. Yurizan Beltran hits every one of those criteria out of the ballpark. She is a grand slam homerun clearing all of the bases!

I met Yurizan at a porn convention in L.A. before she opened Sweet Yurizan. She told me to be wary of other sites that are trying to call themselves the official site. I guess someone bought some licenses to her old content and started building a web site about her without even talking to her about it.

So I waited and finally she opened Sweet Yurizan. I am glad I waited to do a review about this buxom bombshell until now. Her site is packed full of her pics and videos. She updates it three times a week and the picture sets will make your heart skip a beat. Each set includes as many as 500 pics so instead of rushing through the shoot you feel like every niche you wanted is there.

She does lots of bending forwards, hanging those big boobies of hers in your face. She shows of her ass on her knees, on her stomach, standing up… She shows you her panties Indian style, bend over, standing… Her bra is on, it is off, it is on again. You can easily skip to what ever floats your boat and have twenty to thirty pics devoted to your favorite fantasy. Then skip forward some more and conjure up a new fantasy.

The videos are crystal clear and  feature her masturbating and enjoying some lesbian comfort with her friends. Watching two big tits babes explore each others tits is like drinking an ice cold beer after working in the yard. Relaxing and yet exhilarating at the same time.

Remember that Sweet Yurizan is literally her web site so members can Email Yurizan Beltran and talk to her about future shoots, past shoots, make requests or what ever you want to talk to her about. Just remember to be a gentleman. I want to see those updates go on for eternity and for that to happen she has to enjoy being an Internet model!

40 Inch Plus – Carly

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You and I have sort of a relationship. You like looking at porn and I like writing about it. More than that, I like finding really great porn and letting you know where to find it… and you like paying less than full price. We are like yin and yang you and I.

Today’s lesson in cheap porn is a network run by the Reality Kings. You may have heard of them. The Reality Kings sponsor the MMA fighter Kimbo Slice.

Before they managed Kimbo they managed a porn network. They did an awesome job that was above and beyond what they needed to do. Because of their dedication to making cutting edge porn with quality models in the most popular niches they became popular themselves.

Along with creating big booty sites like 40 Inch Plus, Monster Curves and MILF Nextdoor, the Reality Kings made the term MILF a household word. They did this back in 2001 with MILFHunter.com. Today they own and operate twenty-three sites in half as many niches.

Your 40 Inch Plus password is good at all of them. Not only does it get you the biggest asses in the Industry, it gets you the hottest MILF, the sexiest Latinas, the biggest tits, largest cocks, wildest trannies, lesbians and more!

All of this at only $9.95 for 12 days of full membership. Full downloads of uncensored and uncut, 100% original and exclusive porn movies. Each movie can be downloaded in its entirety, downloaded as smaller clips or streamed online. That way the misses doesn’t see the video somewhere.

Every Reality Kings movie comes with high resolution pics. Finding the best porn on the network is easy because the members can tag porn with ratings and categories.

Folks, there really is no reason to buy a single web site in this day and age. Not when you can own a network of porn like the Reality Kings!

Big Tits At Work Mikayla

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Big Tits At Work Mikayla

Can you imagine having a boss as hot as Mikayla? If she was my boss, the only thing I would be able to concentrate on would be her big tits.

Especially when she wears a very tight sweater that looks like any sudden movement could cause a button to pop right off and under that sweater she has a bra that seems like its two sizes too small for her huge soft tits are pushed up right to the limits.

Just take a look at Mikayla in the pic above, to see what I am talking about. As hot as she is, you would think she would be a bitch but she is far from it, she is the kind of boss that would go out for drinks after work with her employees, she is very approachable just ask the mail boy. It is that attitude and those huge tits that make her the perfect girl for BigTitsAtWork.com.

Big Tits At Work Mikayla

Big Tits At Work is dedicated to true stories about hot and busty hard-working women who go to work every day and sometimes end up doing things that they are not permitted on the job. Like getting fucked by the mail boy on top of your desk like Mikayla is doing.

If you want to see the hottest women with gorgeous tits that will just make your dick rock hard, doing some nasty things at work that we all fantasize about then you need to check out BigTitsAtWork.com.

Want a site that is worth every penny it cost to be a member then Big Tits At Work is your site. Not only do you get access to all of their stories but you also get access to 9 other great sites for free.

Take it from the Jugg Meister you are definitely going to need some extra lotion and tissue for this one.

Cum Fiesta – Memphis

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Sure, the site has been around the block a few times. It opened in 2001. That is like grandpa times for the Internet. However, Cum Fiesta is just as relevant of a porn site today as it was when it started. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Speaking of old dogs… just kidding. Memphis isn’t old and she definitely isn’t a dog either. While Cum Fiesta Memphis is standing there how about we get a load of them tits. Fucking fun bags of heavenly flesh! And those hips… Damn!

So anyway… CumFiesta.com has been around now for seven years. Since then things have only gotten better. The models are hotter. The sites navigation is easier. And now you get access to not just Cum Fiesta but, you also get access to all of the other sites the Reality Kings people run.

As a Cum Fiesta member you get weekly updates coming in on Tuesdays. You also get weekly updates for Street Blowjobs on Sundays. Add that to Pure 18 on Saturdays, Euro Sex Parties on Thursdays and First Time Auditions on Mondays and you still have only hit the tip of the iceberg!

Videos come in many flavors. You can download videos or stream them, watch then in low or high def and choose between full length, three parts of mini-clips so you can skip to the good parts. All videos come with accompanying pics.

There are over 300 full length episodes on Cum Fiesta alone. Add in Street Blowjobs and Cum Girls and you have so many girls to choose from that you couldn’t possibly find all of your favorites in a month or even a year. And remember, you are also getting massive archives of episodes from the other 20+ sites in several niches!

There has never been a better time to take the $4.95 trial then right now!

Baby Got Boobs – Audrey and Penny

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Go ahead ladies… Compare notes!

Welcome Audrey and Penny from Baby Got Boobs to the site. For those that have never heard of BabyGotBoobs.com, it is where the hot chicks with big tits hang out. Well, when I say hang out I mean jiggle and wiggle out. With tits this big no bra can possibly contain them!

New big tits videos and picture sets are added weekly and that is not all. Members of Baby Got Boobs also get access to the Brazzers Network. That means you get 18 sites dealing with big tits and thick hips. Add it all up and you get multiple updates on a daily basis.