Hot Latina Porn – Alexis

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Before I started blogging about porn and websites and girls, I searched a lot of sights and did my fair share of one handed surfing.  During that time I would go back to this certain model Alexis from Hot Latina Porn.  She looked young, had a perfect teen body, but what got me the most was sultry eyes and lovely lips. 

Back in the day she had a fucked up grill too, I think that added to her innocence.  Then I see her on Hot Latina Porn and my hand starts shaking and my pants start bulging, yep this is my favorite girl alright.  If you have never seen her before then you are in for a treat, if you have seen her before you are in for a treat.  She is just awesome.

India Uncovered – Exotic Cutie

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Ever wonder what they do over their when they aren’t bombing the shit out of each other.  Well here you go India Uncovered, look at this exotic cutie getting fucked in some bungalow.

The problem is they have their values fucked up,do this some, India Uncovered should do more Jizz Bombing and less real bombing.  But alas it is not to be, so we will have to be grateful that they do this some so we can worry a little less about being suicide bombed.