Use My Daughter

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We are in a recession. No doubt about it. It is times like these that call for tough measures and nothing is tougher than giving up your own daughter to make ends meet!

Use My Daughter follows Janessa and her pops as he turns his daughter out and counts the cash week after week. The poor girl started out a bit clumsy and quirky, but now she is sucking cock and riding that pole like a porn star!

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Nayara Blue

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I got this lucky once. I was on vacation in Laguna Beach and walked up on a woman that had taken her top off. She was in a cozy little cove with only one access point. My dick just about jumped out of my pants. She didn’t seem too pleased that I had found and I apologized and got the heck out of there…

But not until I noticed a hotel that had three rooms with a direct line of sight to her enormous tits. I headed out and sure enough, they had a vacancy in one of the rooms. I canceled my current room and moved in with enough time to take some pics and shoot some video!

After my current girlfriend found said homemade porn she tossed it out. Fuck me! But I don’t get too mad… I will always have Nayara Blue. She isn’t going anywhere and my GF can’t toss her out!