Fucking For Promotion Free Tube Video

October 31st, 2012 | Posted by Rhino in Blondes | Hardcore - (Comments Off on Fucking For Promotion Free Tube Video)

Fucking for promotion - PornJog.com

Score one for The Gipper, fellas. I found this full length video on a free tube video site I’ve been frequenting a lot lately. It has just about everything porn you will ever need and then some. Cams, VOD, free movies and more.

Anyway, in this video we see a hot blonde slut getting fucked for a promotion. I am sure there are plenty of feminists out there that find this kind of porn to be degrading towards women and utter bullshit. Frankly, I am with them. I also think it degrades women and I don’t like it when chicks in the office I work in keep getting promoted for fucking the boss!

No, I am not going to write my congressman about this. I am going to watch this bitch take a cumshot to her vagina instead. Doesn’t she know that is how chicks, porn stars included, get pregnant? WTF?

We could sit here talking about the political aspects of these videos until we turn blue. I am not a big fan of blue balls so I shall show myself out.

Casual Fuck Buddies

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Why do hot coeds want to be casual fuck buddies with guys instead of doing the traditional thing? Well, lets start with the fact that they are in college to get a career. They don’t need a pregnancy getting in the way of that. Then think about the fact that families are shrinking. Nobody wants three little rugrats anymore. Finally, why would they want to fuck their figure up when they are the hottest they will ever be? They’d rather parlay that beauty into promotions until they are in their dirty thirties!

Stop asking questions unless they are about why you haven’t tried online dating yet!