Obsessed With Myself

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The way I see it, this, seemingly, worldwide infatuation with chicks taking provocative photos in the mirror thing has only one downside. You have to scour the Internet to find the really hot photos and when you add it all up, it’s like what? Twenty hours a week? Fuck that!

I am not going to devote 1/2 of the time I already spend at work on something I am not getting paid a dime for! As they say, time is money, and you can save a ton of time, and money, by ditching that old habit with a membership to Obsessed With Myself.

They scour the net for you. On top of that, they have hot babes sending in their photos! They don’t just send in a hit and run single photo, many of the girls send in a series of picks so you can really enjoy your favorites!

Along with Obsessed With Myself you get the sister sites like Me and My Asian which hit on deeper niches inside the self shot genre!

Anal Drilled Teens – Angy

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Anal Drilled Teens is a site that is obviously dedicated to young teens taking it anal, no brainer right.

Well what Anal Drilled Teens does not tell you simply by reading the name, is that they specialize in anally drilling young perky petite teens.  I have done some searching and so far Angy is the biggest tittied girl I have found.  I will definitely do some more searching to see if that holds true.  But for now that is the reality of what I saw, so in fact that makes it reality.

So if your reality is that you like young teens with small tits, the go check out Anal Drilled Teens and get the ultimate bonus.