An Ode to Brazzers

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I’ve never been a poetry guy, in fact, I had a couple of exes bitch because I never wrote them sweet poems or love letters and shit. But if I ever were going to write a sonnet, it would be titled “An Ode to Brazzers.”

I mean seriously, I have never had any woman, or porn site for that matter, make me cum as much as that network has. The quality is always absolutely phenomenal. I mean seriously, I think we should blow their shit up and play those videos in Imax and show them what real good videos really look like!

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Ultimate Gay Mega-Site: Over 600 Hunky Studs

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Now this is one hunky stud with a big fat dick you could easily lust over right? Damn straight, just look at those muscles and those fucking sexy tattoos. I could definitely fuck this guy, couldn’t you? Personally, I have a preference for men with darker hair and perhaps even a little hairier than this guy would be alright. I love a trimmed mustache and beard. Still, this guy right here, he kind of reminds you of Jamie Lanister from Game of Thrones, doesn’t he? Mm-mm-mm.

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